Meet The Founders

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Founder of Fierce Calm

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Founder of Bumblebee Collective

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The Yoga Shed Founders

The Yoga Shed has been lovingly created with its students and community at the heart of everything we do. 

Opening in October 2016 the studio instantly became a second home for our teachers and students creating a safe space while always striving to create and provide classes suitable for everybody within a studio and community for everyone. 

In June 2017 The Yoga Shed held its first 108 charity event within our own studios and built on that concept the following year by holding the event at the Hermitage Road Restaurant.


For 2019 our main goal was to bring more people together and raise even more money for charity. Always held within the week of International Yoga Day and the Summer Solstice it marks an important weekend in the yogi calendar. 

And so the simple idea of 108 has now evolved for 2019 into a one day Festival. We feel so privileged to be joining forces with Bumblebee Collective and Fierce Calm in the beautiful Barn and grounds of Redcoats Farmhouse. 

Throughout the day we will also be proudly presenting classes and teachers from the Shed offering a mix of styles and levels which align with our core values. The day will see a range of classes from International Yoga Teacher Kristi Mae Rodelli teaching a Forrest inspired flow to Jonny Penn’s immersive sound meditation. 


The Yoga Shed and it’s teachers are so excited about everyone joining together for this amazing 108 event and the new addition of 108 minutes of mindful movement and meditation for all abilities and cannot wait to Welcome and collaborate with new teachers and students from other studios, cities, countries and continents as we join together to raise money for OurMala.


Fierce Calm is a growing community of yoga practitioners from all backgrounds and abilities, from all over the world, who have each identified with the words 'Yoga Saved My Life'. We have come together as a movement to inspire & empower each other without judgment and with compassion


The word Yoga means 'Union' 


 Fierce Calm united to be of service, to help and support others and our expanding network of community ambassadors & activists are committed to raising awareness and funding in support of our registered charity partners and our aim is to make yoga accessible to all while supporting the most vulnerable in society. 


Bumblebee Collective is a hive for curious minds, bringing together the interested and the interesting. As busy bees, we find that the frenetic pace of modern life can stamp out curiosity and connection, so our mission is to bring people together to nourish the mind, body and soul, and spark conversation, cross pollinate ideas and inspire action.

Bumblebee Collective is the brainchild of Ruth Nye who has brought together a likeminded board of helper bees to bring the vision to life.  


RUTH NYE, Founder

Well intentioned multi-tasker, mum, wife, big sis, friend, marketer, life coach and founder of the Bumblebee Collective.

If you ask Ruth’s parents they will say that she has always been curious. It has gotten her into some trouble but mainly into good things in life. She loves bringing people together, learning new things and exploring what makes people tick.

A business graduate from Trinity College Dublin she joined Lehman Brothers – the week the bank imploded. But you can’t keep a good woman down and so after her brief stint as an investment banker she specialised in marketing, launching everything from computer games to aeroplanes. She is a Marketing Academy Scholar and Women in Advertising and Creative London (WACL) awarded her their Future Leader Award in 2017. She is fascinated by psychology and what drives behaviour, something she has gained more experience in (than she ever thought possible) with the arrival of her two children and her qualification in life coaching. She founded Bumblebee Collective as a hive for curious minds and says of the new venture “who knows where it will go, but let’s have fun along the way”.



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