World class teachers lead a range of yoga practices for all levelsthroughout the day including Danni Pomplum and Shed superstars such as Kristi Rodelli.  


 Flex your mind with authors, activists and more. The talking series includes Annie Auerbach, author of ‘Flex’ on flexing your mind to think and behave differently, Grace Woodward, broadcaster/activist on her body positivity campaign and Zephyr Wildman yoga guru on the importance of self-acceptance and gratitude. 




Delicious food prepared by The Farmhouse at Redcoats kitchen 

Award winning chef Sherwin Jacobs and his farmhouse kitchen team are collaborating with Yoga Shed dietician Lois to prepare a lunch that will nourish and delight. Produce from local farms and our own kitchen gardens. Lunch and a fresh juice is included in your ticket price. 



- Unplug from distractions & reconnect with nature. Jonny Penn will end the day with an energising gong bath included in the ticket price. We will also have additional holistic therapies to book onto in the day.

108 Sun Salutations


Help us unite the yoga world by making sure all eyes are on the charity fundraising Fierce Calm 108 at the Gratitude Festival at 4pm. Be a part of something that promises to be truly inspiring and connected to something much bigger than ourselves.


Fierce Calm is a growing community of yoga practitioners from all backgrounds and abilities, from all over the world, who have each identified with the words 'Yoga Saved My Life'. We have come together as a movement to inspire & empower each other without judgment and with compassion


 Fierce Calm global ambassador Danni Pomplun is flying in from San Francisco to join a host of Fierce Calm ambassadors, Yoga Shed teachers and special guests at the Gratitude Festival to lead us through 108 sun salutations, celebrating a unique opportunity for us all to come together from across the world in support of each other and in aid of our charity partner OURMALA here in the UK . 


Be a part of something very special as the event will be broadcast via social media to the Fierce Calm network all over the world as dozens of other Fierce Calm events organised at studios across the globe and countless individuals will be tuning in at home to follow along with us. Every single one will be doing their bit to give back and raise money for a registered charity. 


The word Yoga means 'Union' 


Fierce Calm united to be of service, to help and support others and our expanding network of community ambassadors & activists are committed to raising awareness and funding in support of our registered charity partners and our aim is to make yoga accessible to all while supporting the most vulnerable in society.  


And if the idea of performing that many down dogs is daunting, we’ll be offering an alternative 108 minutes of accessible movement and meditation at the same time so that everybody, irrespective of their experience or ability can join in. 


Please come and practice alongside us in person at the Gratitude Festival and in spirit with thousands of over yogis all across the world, united, connected, for one magical moment in time. 


Profits from ticket sales at the Gratitude festival will be donated to OURMALA, continuing a tradition started by The Yoga Shed here in Hitchin and now spreading a message of love across the world. And if you want to help us achieve something truly spectacular, then tell your friends who can’t be here with us, wherever they are, buy one of our charity T-shirts or even get friends to sponsor you to perform the 108 sun salutations. Be a part of it! 


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